Why call Wall to Wall Floors for wood flooring installation contractor in Granville, Ohio?

Getting new wood floors installed in your home is a wonderful way to change the look and feel of your space. However, flooring gets a lot of use. Getting the right product and having it installed by a team of skilled professionals is key.

Buy Right the First Time

Choosing your new flooring can be quite confusing. Are you looking for a product that will suit your current decor or are you planning to redecorate once you’ve chosen? Color and finish will be especially important to you.

Are you repairing damage from water or smoke? The preparatory work will be especially important in your situation. You will want to be sure you can prevent further damage and avoid any lingering odors.

In any case, talking over your choices with a skilled professional who can connect you direct with an installer is critical. These conversations can save you thousands and leave you much happier with the final product.

Making Your Choice

Adding a wood floor to a space has a sense of finality. If your children are small or you have pets, you will probably want to install a hardwood such as oak or walnut. Such dense wood will be less likely to suffer damage from claws or wheeled toys.

Softer woods, such as pine or redwood, can offer a lovely floor as well. If your children are past the “tricycle in the house” stage, you may prefer a soft wood.

Finish will be key. A warm oak floor with a satin or semi-gloss finish will be easier to maintain than a floor with a high-gloss finish, simply because it will hide smudges and footprints more effectively. Your lifestyle will determine your choice. A conversation with a flooring professional can help you choose a floor that will work well for years to come.

Plan for the Disruption

Getting your floors replaced requires that everything be moved. Like it or not, the process of replacing your floors with wood will limit your use of and access to your home. To make sure that your floor is done right, you need a team that understands the disruption and can move quickly to

  • remove and discard old flooring
  • prep the surface if needed
  • install the new flooring to your satisfaction

Depending on what your old flooring is, the tear-out process can also be messy. Your eventual happiness with your finished product will be completely worth it!